Digital billboards are taking priority over static ones, and as a result they typically exist in some pretty prime locations—like

high-traffic intersections. High traffic means more people viewing your ad—and the digital format attracts more attention than

billboards’ printed counterparts.


Our Advertise Account gives you total control of your billboardad.  Upload and schedule your content at your convenience.


If you need to make a change to your advertisement on a digital billboard, it’s as easy as it was to upload it the first time around.

Switch out one photo for another, update event time that may have changed, reflect a reduction in price—this ability to make

quick changes is included in the benefits of digital billboards.


Need a message out there quickly? Digital billboard ads can be uploaded in a matter of hours. Previously, it took weeks to get

a print poster up on a billboard after it was created. Conversely, just as it’s easy to get a digital ad out there, it’s easy to stop it

when you no longer want it to run, which helps with time-sensitive material.


Another great thing about digital billboards? No printing required! That fact alone makes digital billboards far more cost effective

than traditional ones. Going back to our first point, cost effectiveness also has to do with the fact that digital billboards will be

seen in the most high-traffic areas, meaning more eyeballs on your content.


With traditional billboards, you’re stuck advertising the same message—all day, all night, for weeks or months on end. Digital

billboards give you the ability to target your messaging to specific times of the day or specific days of the week. For example, if

you have a Friday sale, you can set the ad only to run on Fridays. If you are a restaurant advertising breakfast vs. dinner

specials, you can set those ads according to the time of day. From another perspective, multiple messages means multiple

advertisers being able to showcase their content in the same space.


Don’t worry about weather damage or printing quality with digital billboards. As long as you’ve provided a high-resolution,

well-designed ad, the quality should remain consistent thereafter on the digital screen.